Help Rescue Jax

Jax has been in the same kennel for THREE YEARS!

He is now SAVED and will be transported from Texas to a foster home in San Diego where he will be rehabilitated and given the life he deserves.

Plan B to Save Wolves will pay for the transport to save Jax.

We need your help with the costs of the transport.

Please watch the video to see this sweet boy and the kennel he has been living in for THREE YEARS!

Please donate today to save Jax.

Here is what we know …

This is a typical situation where a wolf dog puppy is given as a pet to someone who is not qualified to care for it. The grandparents of the owner have had this sweet boy for about six years but have kept him in a tiny kennel all day - FOR 3 YEARS NOW - and not letting Jax out as they don't know how to handle him. 

Jax is frustrated, depressed and getting weaker by the day. He needs someone who will help rehabilitate him to be strong and happy. Someone that can give him the proper nutrition and has time the to spend giving Jax the daily exercise and attention he needs.

Thankfully Jax does have that special someone ready to take him. We just need your help in getting him there.

Help us give Jax the life he deserves today. Donate to save Jax.

When we save wolves, we save ourselves.

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