It is a Great Day. Another Life Saved!

Tikanni is alive and in a loving home thanks to Adams County Animal Shelter, W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, Kim Kahl and Plan B to Save Wolves’ amazing and generous donors.

Abandoned by his “owner” Tikanni survived on his own for 14 months until some kind people stepped in to save him. As it turns out Tikanni was another mislabeled wolfdog however Plan B had committed to helping him and now he is receiving the love and care he deserves.

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Here is the complete story of Tikanni’s journey home.

Tikanni was brought to the shelter by animal control in April 2018. He was used to being kept outside in an “enclosure” with little human interaction. According to his previous “owner”, he was an escape artist and he couldn’t get near him. When the owner got in trouble with the courts for Tikanni running at large, he pretty much let him loose and Tikanni lived on his own outside for 14 months before being caught by a neighbor who was feeding him as on occasion Tikanni would hop into his back yard to hang out with his female German Shepherd. The gentleman that was feeding him called animal control after he was able to tie a rope around Tikanni and that is how he then ended up at a local shelter in Colorado.

He was completely shut down when he arrived. He would not make eye contact or walk on leash. For the first few days, he wouldn’t even stand up. He spent his first week hiding in his kennel and avoiding people at all costs. The Shelter in Colorado contacted W.O.L.F. Sanctuary to see if they could help with an identification on Tikanni as he was initially thought to be a wolf dog.  After an on-site analysis of his physical and behavioral characteristics by a W.O.L.F. rescue and educational specialist, it was determined that Tikanni was not a wolf dog.  The Shelter asked if W.O.L.F. could help place Tikanni since he was partially feral and needed a special home. W.O.L.F. worked with the Shelter and found the perfect home in Bend, Oregon.  The next hurdle was getting him there. W.O.L.F. contacted Plan B to Save Wolves they immediately agreed to pay for his transport from Colorado to Oregon.  

Tikanni spent 4 months at the Shelter before he was taken to his forever home in Bend, OR. Over those months, Tikanni made so much progress with his handlers and on a summer weekend in July, Tikanni and his handlers made the long journey to Oregon.  Tikanni was finally at his forever home where he is loved and pampered.  He will never be dumped and left to fend for himself.  The cooperation of the Shelter, W.O.L.F. Sanctuary and Plan B to Save Wolves is proof that anything is possible with a little love, a lot of patience, and the collaboration of the rescue community to bring a special boy home.

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