Plan B Emergency Funding

Understanding situations arise that require immediate action and funding, Plan B has established an emergent fund that is available for nonprofits working to rescue, support, and advocate on behalf of wolves. Funds can be used for a variety of reasons including rescue, vet care, transport, legislative and advocacy efforts, pack care, etc. Each situation will be assessed based on the reason, amount requested and need.

The process is simple and funds will be expedited upon approval. To request funds please fill out the form.

By submitting this form I acknowledge all of the information is accurate and the funds from Plan B will be used for these purposes. I also understand Plan B may make direct payment to the vendor / veterinarian on my organization’s behalf and that wherever possible it will be for the full amount requested but depending upon the amount and other pending requests, only a partial amount may be funded. Plan B will review all requests and if approved, fund within 48 hours. Plan B has the right to not approve a request and a reason will be provided to the requestor.

This form only accepts jpg, png, doc, docx and pdf.

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