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Our Successful Stewardship of Your Donations:

at plan b it is our honor to receive your donations and use them to provide transport, rescue and life saving medical care to wolves, wolfdogs, sanctuaries, rescues and other wolf supporting organizations. thank you for your continuing support.

Supported in 2019 so far :

Logon - $435 Anastasia - $825 Medicine Wheel Lodge - $300 WOLF SANCTUARY - $2500 Wolves of Douglas County FILM FESTIVAL - $1250 OBI Dog Rescue - $600 raised for food - Eagle Tail Mountain Sanctuary sponsored bill board for Trap Free Montana donated to Omen Creek Wolfdog Sanctuary donated to HDW for food raised at Sedona Wolf Week for Apex Protection Project Medical Assistance for Ember Sponsor Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Supported in 2018 :

Fiscal Agent and Co-Lead 161 Dog Rescue - $74,000 raised for Jesse - Pets Return Home raised for Full Moon Farm donated to Wildwoods Widlife Rehabilitation donated to Rocky Mountain Wolf Project donated to Remington Rescue donated to South West Wildlife Center raised for Kim Kahl donated to Yellowstone Documentary Film donated for Bjorn's Rescue' donated to Aries Rescue - Pets Return Home donated to Trap Free Montana sponsored Wild & Scenic Film Festival donated to Yellowstone Documentary Film raised for Apex Protection Project donated to Tikanni Rescue donated to Roman Rescue - Pets Return Home donated to Finn Rescue DNA - Pets Return Home donated to save JAX Lake Tahoe Wolf Dog Rescue Wanganui Wolf Fund & Rescue Right to be Wild Film donated towards rescue of wolf dog

Supported in 2017 :

raised for apex raised for Sarg donated to  Trap Free MT donated to Wolves of the Rockies donated to  Keepers of the WILD donated to  Villalobos Rescue Center donated to Heart of a Wolf donated to W.O.L.F. Colorado donated to Auntie Grandma's Crazy Wolf Adventures donated to W.O.L.F. Colorado Gray Area Film Sponsorship Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project Sponsorship donated to WOLF PEOPLE donated to Oregon Pack

Supported in our first year 2016 :

raised for apex raised for never cry wolf raised for medicine of the wolf raised for Sarg raised for Sasha